The ultimate adult fidget device for the lighter enthusiast! Check out this innovative lighter sleeve now available on Kickstarter!

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FLKR LYTR is the first patent pending fidget spinner LYTR Case, which is a symbol for connection, dialogue, and pursuing your entrepreneurial endeavors.

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“FLKR is more than just a plastic lighter sleeve, it’s a point of connectivity which helps other progressive users identify each other within the canna community” - Jonathan

People have been using their lighters to soothe their nervous ticks for decades. FLKR LYTR is a lighter sleeve that has multiple designs that fit BIC, Clipper, and Zippo lighters that acts as a fidget device, giving it the ability to spin. That’s right! Spin. This patent pending lighter sleeve is the first of its kind and is a perfect marriage between the timeless lighter and the buzzing fidget spinner.

The FLKR LYTR has a vision of becoming a symbol of connectivity and dialogue, qualities which are most needed in these times. FLKR LYTR aims to provide users with a platform, and a common ground to connect through, all the while inspiring them to pursue their entrepreneurial endeavors.

" FLKR can and will become a lifestyle product for the Canna consumer" -Leandro

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